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Snapshot: 11 February 2020

Another attempt at a snapshot post. I'm getting over a stomach bug that's had me down and out for a bit, so this seems like the perfect thing to take my mind off it!

Currently reading: Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters.

A Victorian-set novel that's doing the same thing a lot of authors who set a book in this time period seem to be doing - attempting to mimic the punctuation and prose and syntax of the contemporaneous novels (the punctuation, especially the use of hyphens, is quite similar to Brontë or Austen novels); but the narration is much more lyrical and atmospheric than you'd usually find. I'm only about 20% in so the story hasn't really picked up yet, but I'm hoping to review it when I've finished it.

Currently eating: boeuf braisé aux carottes. It's a traditional French recipe that's absolutely great for when you're getting over a bug, because it's full of juicy healthy goodness - you get some hunks of cheap meat, cook them with carrots for a bajillion* hours till all the sauces and juices have blended into a blend of delicious goodness, and then dump some pasta on top of it. Highly recommend.

*This is an approximate.

Currently playing with: Urban Decay Naked Cherry eyeshadow palette. It's a fairly decent mix of shimmers and mattes, all in pink-ish tones. They're meant to be neutral but the majority of them are quite color-poppy. It's not the strongest entry in the Naked range - the fallout, especially on the darker shades, is quite bad - but the pigmentation and the quality of the powder is good, and I do like the pinks. It's a fun palette to play with when you're feeling a bit - ahem - playful.

Current aimless thought: Gina Linetti (of Brooklyn 99 fame) was actually a terrible person. The show's been much better since that character left.

Currently in my online shopping carts:

Foyles: pre-order of Weather (Jenny Offill); pre-order of The Mirror and the Light (Hilary Mantel; this is the third book in her incredibly famous, incredibly well-written, absolutely spectacular Thomas Cromwell trilogy; early chatter on the literary scene is she might make it an unprecedented Booker hat-trick, which I am HERE FOR; I am actually counting down the minutes until I have this book in my hot, excited little hands); Tender is the Flesh (Agustina Bazterrica, trans. Sarah Moses)

Fnac: pre-order of Au service secret de Marie-Antoinette: La Mariée était en Rose Berthin (Frederic Lenormand); La Chambre de la reine (Juliette Benzoni); La Vie est brève et le désir sans fin (Patrick Lapeyre); Tours et détours de la vilaine fille (Mario Vargas Llosa, trans. Albert Bensoussan).

Happy reading,

Amélie xx

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