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Review: Act Your Age Eve Brown, by Talia Hibbert

This was the last book in the delightful Brown Sisters series (booooooo, booooooooooooo, BOOOOOOOOOOOO) but, if publishing rumours are to be believed, she's next going to be publishing a series on updated, contemporary takes on Austen's novels... and if there is anybody I trust to do an excellent series of contemporary Austen retellings, it is Queen Talia Hibbert.

I just loved this book so much. I loved the relationship between Eve Brown and Jacob, who are both on the spectrum, and how they work out the best communication methods for each other and together, and how cute and adorable Eve and Jacob are as they fall head over heels in love so quickly (plus, there is so much sex, and the sex is sooooooo hot), and the story of Eve and Jacob's romance is so compelling and enjoyable to read. I loved how Hibbert rendered all of Eve and Jacob's quirks with compassion and heart, while making their autism central to their characters but by no means their defining trait - ugh it was just so good. Plus a lot of the central story takes place in a kitchen, so there's a lot of talk about food and how sexy making food for someone can be, and just like... yeah, Talia. Someone cooking for me is ridiculously sexy.

I don't actually have all that much more to say about this book, to be honest - I just loved it so much, I was actively sad when I finished it. The one thing I will knock this book for is that there was very little of the previous books' characters appearing in this novel, and I think that's because Hibbert knew she didn't need to keep our interest piqued in any other sisters so she just focused on the central romance. I think I'd have liked a bit more interaction between Eve and her sisters, and Jacob and Eve's sisters especially, but honestly, that's just me nitpicking.

Truly everyone should read this series. It's a beyond excellent series of contemporary romances with some truly mind-bogglingly good sex, and it's so funny and well-written and clever and the characters are so real and believable and it's so easy to root for them and their happy endings. I want to hug these books while also being angry at them for being so good.

Long live Talia Hibbert.

Happy reading,


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