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One month to go: reading goals check in

For fun, let's see where I'm at with my reading goals for this year.

For what it's worth, I didn't take these into consideration when making my December pile - which really raises the question of why I even set reading goals, if not for the pleasure of feeling bad about myself when I don't meet them? Let no one say that I don't enjoy punishment.

Anyway. This is the last time I'll do a check in before I look back on these in January, so this won't be a very detailed post - this is for fun more than anything else.

  1. Total books: 135/132 (this is on track to be my best rough-numbers year to date - although, as you will see in my Best of 2020 list when I finally get around to making it, I'm not sure the quality will have lived up to the quantity).

  2. Female-authored books: 92/66

  3. Translated books: 10/44 (tw0 of the books on my December TBR are translated - but this is something I want to actually work on in 2021).

  4. BAME-authored books: 17/44 (another one where I will have to improve in the new year).

  5. Recs: I can't remember all of the books I've recommended this year, but I don't think I stuck to my original goal on this one. I have shared one of my favorite books of last year, The Weight of Ink, with my new housemate and she also loved it so much it made her cry, so I feel like that's a win.

  6. Clearing TBR: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's longer now than it was at the start of this year!!!!! I will never be one of those readers who clears her TBR. I buy at minimum 10 books a month and my to-be-read bookcase is constantly overflowing. It might be best if I just... make my peace with that.

  7. No re-reads: One re-read so far - I gave And Then There Were None a revisit when I was in a bit of a reading slump and needed to kick myself back into gear (my wallet hurts).

  8. Nominated reads: I've read 6 of the Booker longlist (How Much of These Hills is Gold; The Mirror & the Light; The Shadow King; This Mournable Body; Real Life; Love and Other Thought Experiments) and Such a Fun Age is one of my January 2021 reads, when I'll receive my pre-order of the paperback copy. I guess I have to read Shuggie Bain now, since it won. I'm going to make my way through the Goncourt longlist over the next few months, and I'll tackle the 2021 Pulitzers when they're announced in January.

  9. BOTM boxes: Lol. There are so many chunky boxes piled up at my friend's parents' house, just waiting for my Easter trip home.

  10. Nonfiction: 15/12 (the only one I seemed to have legitimately stuck to, so far).

Anyway, there you have it, folks!

If anybody wants to give me ideas for some 2021 challenges, holla at me.

In the meantime - as ever:

Happy reading,

Amélie xx

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I’m Amélie, I love books and reading, and I also love talking about them.

I’m incredibly lucky to be bilingual, so I read books in both French and English, and will talk about both of those on here – although I will do more in English, since I know that’s probably what the majority of the people who ever find this blog will be interested in!

I also like history, traveling, Shakespeare, coffee, cheese, musicals, Italian Baroque art, the ballet, Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You, flowers, makeup, high heels, and baking. Yes, I’m a walking cliché. I am aware.

Please do tweet at me with any suggestions/book recommendations/thoughts.

In case you’re curious – yes, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book of all time.

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