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March TBR

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Another ambitious month for me: 17 books, including clearing a massive behemoth of a Napoleon Bonaparte biography that's been sat on my nightstand since my Christmas holidays (I told myself I would dip in and out of it at weekends, but that was a lie). I don't have them all here, because I've got quite a pile of my BOTMs at my parents' house. This target might be unmanageable for me this month as I'm flying home for a very good friend's wedding and I've got a near-unmanageable workload at the moment, but ah well. Here goes.

Also, apropos of nothing, my succulent is dying and I don't know how I've managed to kill a dry plant, but apparently I'm just that useless of an adult.

Anyway, here's my March TBR:

Long Bright River, by Liz Moore

The Holdout, by Graham Moore

The Municipalists, by Seth Fried

The Age of Light, by Whitney Scharer

The Splendid and the Vile, by Erik Larson

Adults, by Emma Jane Unsworth

Middlemarch, by George Eliot

Tender is the Flesh, by Agustina Barrazica (trans. from Spanish by Sarah Moses)

Weather, by Jenny Offill

The Mirror and the Light, by Hilary Mantel

Scales of Gold, by Dorothy Dunnett

The Unicorn Hunt, by Dorothy Dunnett

To Lie with Lions, by Dorothy Dunnett

Au service secret de Marie-Antoinette: La Mariée était en Rose Bertin, by Fréderic Lenormand

Il est de retour, by Timur Vermes (trans. from German by Pierre Deshusses)

The Doll Factory, by Elizabeth Macneal

Bonaparte, by Patrice Gueniffey (finally finishing this! I have two transatlantic flights this month SO I HAVE NO EXCUSES!)

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I’m Amélie, I love books and reading, and I also love talking about them.

I’m incredibly lucky to be bilingual, so I read books in both French and English, and will talk about both of those on here – although I will do more in English, since I know that’s probably what the majority of the people who ever find this blog will be interested in!

I also like history, traveling, Shakespeare, coffee, cheese, musicals, Italian Baroque art, the ballet, Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You, flowers, makeup, high heels, and baking. Yes, I’m a walking cliché. I am aware.

Please do tweet at me with any suggestions/book recommendations/thoughts.

In case you’re curious – yes, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book of all time.

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