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Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day, one and all!

This is a fun day, especially in the UK, as schoolchildren dress up as their favorite book characters/authors and go to school in costume, and it's really cute seeing some of them out and about and on public transport.

I had a pretty massive week at work lately, so I'm way behind on my March goal - I'm still working through the fourth House of Niccolò book, Scales of Gold, at an absolutely glacial pace. I'm hoping to pick it up and wrap it up by the time I go on holiday tomorrow morning, but that's unlikely to happen at this stage. Guess I'll ferry Nicholas across the Atlantic twice over...

But, in other celebratory news, I picked up a handful of new friends this week that I'm very excited to get into when I can: Tyll, by Daniel Kehlmann (another German in translation. I've been on a real German literature kick so far this year); The Doll Factory, by Elizabeth Macneal (already on my March TBR; it comes highly recommended from a source on books I trust absolutely); Au service secret de Marie-Antoinette: La mariée était en Rose Berthin (the third in the series I've reviewed here, and some silly fun I think I'll probably need in the next few weeks or so); and, finally, FINALLY, The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel.

The third and last book in Mantel's brilliant Thomas Cromwell trilogy has arrived in my hot eager little hands, and I can hardly wait to tear into it. The early reviews are hailing it as yet another masterpiece by Mantel, and I've even heard the completed trilogy as the best trifecta of novels in the English language of the past century. I'm going to be good and wait to read it until I've got the emotional and mental space to properly commit to it - so it's the first book I'll pick up when I'm back from my holiday.

Other books I'm currently eyeing: Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind by Tom Holland; Damascus by Christos Tsiolkas; The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates; House of Trelawney by Hannah Rothschild; and the Roi des Halles trilogy by Juliette Benzoni.

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I’m Amélie, I love books and reading, and I also love talking about them.

I’m incredibly lucky to be bilingual, so I read books in both French and English, and will talk about both of those on here – although I will do more in English, since I know that’s probably what the majority of the people who ever find this blog will be interested in!

I also like history, traveling, Shakespeare, coffee, cheese, musicals, Italian Baroque art, the ballet, Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You, flowers, makeup, high heels, and baking. Yes, I’m a walking cliché. I am aware.

Please do tweet at me with any suggestions/book recommendations/thoughts.

In case you’re curious – yes, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book of all time.

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